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Consent Under GDPR

We've received new guidance from our legal team that suggests you should NOT make your consent checkbox required. Therefore, you will no longer be able to set our Leadpages active-consent checkbox to required and any Leadpages and/or Leadboxes with a required consent checkbox must be updated as laid out below.

Just as many of you have continued to seek out information, learn and adapt, in order for your business to comply with GDPR, we have too. Because of you, we've been able to ask the right questions of our legal team and implement changes based on your concerns. It's your feedback, questions and concerns that we have new information in regards to consent under GDPR. THANK YOU! 💙


The fine print

  • According to our legal team, a required checkbox does not allow for freely-given consent under the GDPR law. Therefore, it should be optional for a subscriber to consent to receiving marketing emails from you in order to receive a lead magnet, freebie, paid product, etc.
  • More information on what the Leadpages active-consent checkbox can and can't do, as well as how the opt-in information is saved here. →
  • The nature of GDPR is evolving and interpretation of the law is wide-ranging. Therefore, legal counsel that is familiar with your business would be able to give you specific best practices for compliance under the GDPR law.

Removing consent requirement

If you previously set your active-consent checkbox to required, the steps to make that checkbox optional are quick and easy.

TIP: After implementing the changes below, if your checkbox is still not optional on your published page, try visiting the published URL in an incognito/private window or different browser, as your current browser window could be caching a previous version of your page.

Removing requirement from Drag & Drop Builder forms

  1. Click the pencil Edit icon next to the Leadpage or Leadbox on your dashboard.
  2. Click Update at the top right corner of the editor. That's it!

Removing requirement from Standard Builder forms

  1. Click the pencil Edit icon next to the Leadpage or Leadbox on your dashboard.
  2. Click Save, then Publish at the top right corner of the editor. That's it!


Frequently asked questions

Does the Leadpages active-consent checkbox send results to my list in my email service provider (ESP)?

You use Drip? Totally! If you have a Leadpages active-consent checkbox on a Drag & Drop Leadpage or Leadbox and are integrated with Drip, the results of that checkbox will be passed to Drip.

Different integration? Not yet. Many of our third-party ESP integrations have not yet updated their API in order for Leadpages to pull in GDPR-specific fields to then submit to that ESP. But, you're not out of options. You could set up a custom field checkbox within your ESP if they have them, then add that field to your Leadpages forms. If not, the consent results of the Leadpages active-consent checkbox are saved to the .CSV file download of Drag & Drop Leadpages and Leadboxes.

I previously required my checkbox, I've updated my page, but the field still shows up as required in the page editor. What gives?

If your checkbox was previously required, it will still appear locked and required within the Leadpages editor. Not to worry. As long as you have updated your page, your checkbox will become optional on your published page.

If you're looking to remove the checkbox from your form entirely and it was previously required, you'll want to replace your form widget with a new one.

As always, our support team is standing by for any other questions you have! 

(Updated September 27, 2018)

Please let us know if you have additional questions.

You can always file a support ticket if you have additional questions by clicking the Support button in your dashboard as shown here or clicking here to file a support ticket.

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