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Zapier is a powerful task automation tool that connects with hundreds of apps and services. Center integrates with Zapier so you can trigger a specific Zap for contacts who meet your segment criteria. Their information will be passed from Center to Zapier where you can set up additional actions. 

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The Fine Print

Integrating Center with Zapier

Options for Creating Contact Segments 

Supported Actions 

FAQs and Troubleshooting Tips 

The Fine Print

These are some of the details you’ll want to keep in mind as you get started with Center’s Zapier integration: 

  • Each Zap must be connected individually to your Center account. 
  • When your Zap is triggered, it will create a task. Note that Center will trigger your Zap for each new contact who meets your segment criteria—you may reach or exceed your task limit in Zapier depending on your account level. 

Integrating Center with Zapier

  1. Navigate to Integrations in Center, then select Zapier. To integrate your first Zap, click View Invite and Create Zap. (Or click Create New Zap if you’ve already connected to Zapier in the past.)
  2. Click Accept Invite & Go To Dashboard in Zapier, then Make a Zap! Choose Center as your Zap’s Triggerand hit Save + Continue. 
  3. Copy the webhook provided by Zapier. Paste it in the Webhook URL field in Center, then choose a name for your Zap and click Send Test Data. 
  4. In Zapier, click OK, I did this, which will prompt Zapier to search for the test contact. 
  5. Once you see a confirmation message in Zapier, navigate back to Center and click Continue to complete the integration process. 

Finish setting up your Zap by configuring your actions (and testing them if you wish). For more information, please see: Creating a Zap

Options for Creating Contact Segments

Zapier is only available in the action portion of Center rules. Please keep an eye on the notifications panel in your account for future updates, or suggest a feature here:

Supported Actions

  • Add to… Zapier: Send segmented contacts from your rule to your Zap. 

FAQs and Troubleshooting Tips 

How do I choose which Zap to send contacts to?

If you’ve integrated with multiple Zaps, you’ll be able to select between them using the drop-down menu in your rule’s Zapier action, as shown below. 

Why have contacts stopped passing through my Zap?

Each Zapier account level has a task quota—which limits the number of tasks your Zapier account can process. If you send more contacts through your Zap than your quota allows, you’ll need to upgrade your Zapier account or wait for your quota to reset. 

Where can I find the webhook for an existing Zap?

In Zapier, select My Zaps then click on the name of your Zap to edit it. Click 1. New Contact from the Center trigger, then View Webhook. You may need to access your webhook in the event that you need to reconnect your Zap to Center. 

(Updated 08/08/16)

Please let us know if you have additional questions!

We’re here to help. If you run into any issues or just have additional questions, please contact our support team. You can also create a ticket by clicking the banner in the bottom right corner of the Center interface.

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