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Where Can I Find My Leads? (CSV download)

When you start receiving opt-ins, you can access lead data in a few different ways. It all depends on how you’ve set things up inside Leadpages. In this guide, we’ll cover the various ways to access contact data.

Keep in mind, we do not store lead information—instead, we send opt-in data to your connected services. While there are ways to access your leads directly from Leadpages, we recommend integrating with a third-party service in most cases. 

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Access leads from third-party services

Download a CSV from Drag & Drop forms

Gather lead info via Lead Notifications

Frequently asked questions

Access leads from third-party services

In most cases, we recommend integrating your forms (in Leadboxes or Leadpages) with an email service provider, CRM, and/or a webinar service. That way, you can access and act on your leads once they opt in through Leadpages. 

Most services we integrate with store leads in a database (like a subscriber list). Check with the services you use to learn how you can access your opt-ins—many will even allow you to export your lead data.

To check where leads are sent to, open the integration settings for your form. You can find step-by-step instructions for accessing integration settings here: Choose a Destination for your Leads.

For more information on what services we support, please see our Integrations Overview

Download a CSV from Drag & Drop forms

Our Drag & Drop forms add lead data to a CSV file, so you can download your opt-in data.

NOTE: Our CSV download feature is only available with Drag & Drop forms. We do not store lead data for Standard Leadpages, Standard Leadboxes, Leaddigits, or Leadlinks.
  1. Open the Drag & Drop page whose leads you’d like to export in the builder. 
  2. Click the drop-down menu next to the Update button in the top-right corner of the page. Then, select Export Leads to CSV.
  3. In the modal that pops up, choose a form whose leads you’d like to export, and click Download (or choose Download All to export all leads from the page). 

Leadpages will export your opt-in data to a CSV file that you can download and use in your favorite spreadsheet app.

WARNING: When you delete a form, you will lose access to its CSV file. Make sure to download your CSV before deleting your form.

Gather lead info via Lead Notifications

You can also gather lead data via Lead Notifications—the default integration for our Standard and Drag & Drop builders. When Lead Notifications are enabled for your form, our system will send opt-in data to your email every time someone submits their information. 

Each email will contain opt-in data such as leads’ email address, names, postal code, etc. depending on what information your form is setup to collect. Because of this, your email inbox can act as a lead storage container since your opt-in data should be searchable by your email client. 

That said, we do recommend integrating with a third-party service for more robust lead storage. 

Frequently asked questions

What happens to my leads if my integration experiences a service disruption or goes down?

Although it’s rare, sometimes third-party services we integrate with will experience downtime or other issues. In such cases, our system will store a backlog of any opt-in data that’s collected during the outage. When the service you use is operating normally again, we’ll send the lead data to them. 

Sometimes, services limit how much data can be sent at once—so it can take a bit longer than normal for your leads to end up in their system. We always send over lead data at the highest rate possible. 

(Updated July 24, 2017)

Please let us know if you have additional questions.

You can always file a support ticket if you have additional questions by clicking the Support button in your dashboard shown here or clicking here to file a support ticket.

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