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Managing Rules

You can always find a list of your rules under the My Rules tab of your Center dashboard.

Clicking on any rule will bring you to the rule view page, where you can review the details of your segment and actions. You’ll also be able to see analytics for your rule and email addresses of contacts who’ve passed through.

Editing/Duplicating Rules

While you cannot edit a rule directly once it’s activated, you can duplicate the rule and adjust the copy’s segment or action setup. To do so, click Duplicate Rule from the Actions menu in your rule view, as shown below. 

This will bring you to the rule editing screen where you can re-configure your segment and/or actions and save the copy of your rule. 

Deactivating and Deleting Rules

To deactivate a rule, click Deactivate Rule from your rule’s action menu—or from the ellipsis menu in your list of rules. 

PLEASE NOTE: Once a rule is deactivated, it will stop collecting contacts and applying actions to them—though you will still be able to view the rule and any contacts collected up to the point of deactivation. Deactivating a rule cannot be undone. 

You can view your deactivated rules using the filter drop down menu above your rule list. Center clearly labels your rules as either Active or Deactivated.

You can fully delete any deactivated rule by clicking Delete from the ellipsis menu to the right of the rule name. Note that while it’s not possible to reactivate a rule, you can duplicate deactivated rules.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I rename a rule?

Not directly, but you can duplicate any rule and give that copy a different name. Then, you can deactivate and delete the original rule. 


(Updated 07/07/16)

Please let us know if you have additional questions!

We’re here to help. If you run into any issues or just have additional questions, please contact our support team. You can also create a ticket by clicking the banner in the bottom right corner of the Center interface.

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