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Changing Your Page’s Layout

All drag and drop pages are organized into sections, rows, and columns. It's possible to add, remove, rearrange, duplicate, and even name these elements to structure your page for different needs. This guide will show you how you can use the builder’s layout settings panel to organize your pages.

Using the layout settings panel

Click the layout settings icon to start editing your page’s structure, as shown below.

You can also access your page’s layout settings by clicking on the gear icon that appears when hovering over any section of your page.

When the panel is open, you can expand or collapse any section or row using the drop arrows.

Naming elements

To name a section, row, or column, hover near its title and click the pen icon that appears. Choose any name you’d like (such as “header”) and click Save.

Note that naming layout elements does not affect the behavior of page in any way—it can just make it easier to keep track of where everything is. You can also rename any element later.

Adding and Deleting elements

You can add new sections to your page by clicking Add a Section at the bottom of the layout settings panel. Within each section, add new columns or rows by clicking Add, as shown below.

You can add as many sections and rows as you’d like, and up to six columns per row.

To delete a layout element, hover over the ellipsis icon and click the trash can icon, then Delete. You’ll see a highlight over the content you’re deleting before you confirm, as removing elements cannot be undone. Also please note that any widgets within that element will be deleted with it.

Each section must have at least one row, and each row must have at least one column. As such, you cannot delete the only row in a section or the only column in a row.

In the example above, we could delete either one of the two columns but not the row—as it’s the only one in its section.

Rearranging elements

To reorder your page’s structure, first open the layout settings panel. Then, you can click and drag any layout element to a new location, as shown below.

You can even drag columns and rows between sections. For instance if you wanted to move a text and button block to a row one section up, you could do so like this:

Duplicating elements

You can duplicate entire sections or single rows or columns of your page. The duplicate button can be found to the right of the delete button for each of these elements, as seen below.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I adjust the number and spacing of columns in my row?

Adding columns will not affect existing widgets. If you’d like to delete specific columns, note that any widgets in those columns will also be deleted—so we recommend moving any widgets you’d like to keep to a different column first.

You can adjust the amount of space each column takes up by hovering between two columns and dragging their divider left or right, as shown below.

The padding can also be adjusted within the settings for sections or columns. Please see Working with Layout Settings and Styles for more details.


(Updated 07/13/16)

Please let us know if you have additional questions.

You can always file a support ticket if you have additional questions by clicking the Support button in your dashboard shown here or clicking here to file a support ticket.

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