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How Can I Keep Track of My Leadpages and Leadboxes in my Integrated Service?

While there's not an automated way to track what Leadpage a visitor is on when they opt in, there is a workaround you can try using our Hidden form Fields and Pre-population features.

The example below displays the steps in MailChimp. However, you can use any Email Marketing Service Integration that allows hidden fields.

Step by Step Guide: 

Step 1: Create a new hidden field for your form.

In your MailChimp list, create a new custom field. Call it “Source,” for example.

In these steps from MailChimp, scroll down to the section titled “Add and Delete Fields in the List Settings.”

Step 2: Make the field hidden and un-required.

Un-check the “Visible” and the “Required” options for that field.

Step 3: Reload your lists.

In your Leadpage or Leadbox, reload your MailChimp lists.

In the Drag & Drop Builder, click “Done” and let the ellipses load.

In the Standard Builder, click “Reload.”

Step 4: Go to the Advanced options for the form fields.

In the Drag & Drop Builder, click the small down-arrow to the right of your field.

In the Standard Builder, click Show advanced options….

Step 5: Click on the “Source” field in your form field selection.

In the Standard Builder, make sure the custom hidden field is selected with a check mark.

Step 6: Set the Default Value to the name of your Leadpage or Leadbox.

In the Drag & Drop Builder, make sure to select the hidden field checkbox and name the default value.

In the Standard Builder, name the default value and click “Okay.”

Step 7: Save your changes.

Now, when leads are added, the value in their “Source” field will show where they were added from.


(Updated 05/03/2016)

Please let us know if you have additional questions.

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