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What’s New!

Leadpages is constantly evolving to provide new features and an improved experience. Learn more about recent updates below!

NOTE: You can now check for updates on the new notifications panel inside of the Drag & Drop Builder! Once you’re logged in, click the the bell icon in the top-right corner to access it. 

October 2016

ConvertKit is now available in our Standard Builder

You can now integrate with ConvertKit in our Standard Builder (plus Leaddigits, standalone Leadboxes, and Leadlinks).

Toggle section visibility

In our Drag & Drop Builder, you can now make specific sections visible or hidden. You can even choose to hide sections on specific devices (such as mobile or desktop devices). You can learn more here: Working with Layout Settings and Styles

Change your page’s favicon

Now, you can upload a favicon for your Leadpages. To see our full instructions, check out: How To Customize the Favicon of a Leadpage.

September 2016

New countdown timer settings

You can now create evergreen countdown timers in our Drag & Drop builder, and even set up your timer to automatically redirect users when it reaches zero. For more information, please see our full widget overview

New integrations in the Drag & Drop Builder

We’ve added iContact, Salesforce, and Marketo so you can send leads from your drag-and-drop pages to those services. 

Undo / Redo (in our Drag & Drop Builder)

You can now go back and forth (up to ten steps) between changes you make in our Drag & Drop Builder. For more details, head over to: Can I Undo My Changes?

August 2016

Easy Leadpage Linking

When setting up a call-to-action button or choosing a form’s thank you page in our Drag & Drop builder, you can now link directly to your Leadpages… without needing to search for its URL. 

Daily Countdown Timers

You can now add a countdown the ends at the same time each day to any Drag & Drop pages. Learn more about the countdown widget here

Background Settings

We’ve expanded options for section and page backgrounds in our Drag & Drop Builder. Choose alignment options, add color overlays to background images, and more. For full details, please see: Images and Mobile Responsiveness.

Facebook and Zapier Integrations for Center

Center now supports sending customers to Facebook Custom Audiences and Zapier. To learn more about our new integrations, check out our articles for each:

July 2016

New Text Options: Fonts and Icon Lists

We’ve added ten fonts to our Drag & Drop Builder. You can also now create lists with customizable icon bullets. For full details, please check out: The Text Widget

Center “Use Cases” and Integrations Tab

You can now get inspiration for rules from the Use Cases tab in your Center dashboard. Click on any use case to browse rule templates for your specific integrations. Under the Integrations tab, you can add and manage your connected services without needing to create a new rule. 

Enhanced layout tools in our Drag & Drop Builder

Our Drag & Drop Builder now features a layout settings sidebar, where you can add, rename, rearrange and delete sections and columns from your pages. This update also includes new settings so you can adjust padding and margins. Please check out our full guide on changing your page’s layout for details. 

Template and Page Search

You can now search for templates and pages by name. Look for the search field in the top section of your pages list and our template browser. 

New styles for Image and Button widgets

You can now customize images and buttons in our Drag & Drop Builder to create rounded elements. Simply click a button or image and choose Rounded or Circular from the Styles menu. You can read more about each widget below:

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