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How Do I Clear My Browser Cache?

Clearing your browser cache shouldn’t be a routine as you work with your Leadpages, Leadboxes, and other tools—but in some cases it’s necessary for troubleshooting purposes. Here’s how you can clear your cache (and cookies) in our supported browsers:

Google Chrome



Microsoft Edge

Internet Explorer 11

Google Chrome

Step 1: Navigate to Chrome’s options for clearing browser data. 

Simply paste the following URL in your browser bar: 


Step 2: Select the data you’d like to clear—as well as the affected time period.

We recommend choosing Browsing history, Download history, Cookies and other site and plugin data, and Cached images and files from the list of options. Next, you’ll want to choose the time period from the drop-down menu—we recommend selecting "the beginning of time" in most cases. When you’re all set, hit the Clear browsing data button to complete the process:

After your clear your browsing data, quit and restart Chrome. 


Choose Clear History… from the Safari menu. Then, choose the time period for which you’d like to clear website data, as shown below:

Quit Safari and re-open it to complete the process. 


Step 1: Open Firefox’s clear history options.

Navigate to History Clear Recent History from the menu bar. If you do not see the History menu, you may need to press Alt on your keyboard.

Step 2: Choose your time and data settings.

Choose the time period for which you’d like to clear data. Then, choose the data you'd like to clear under the Details section, as shown below:

When you’re all set, quit and re-open Firefox to complete the process. 

Microsoft Edge

In your Hub settings (in the top right corner), click the History icon. Then, choose Clear all history.

Choose to clear Browsing history, Cookies and saved website data, and Cached data and files.

To complete the process, close out all browser windows and reopen them. 

Internet Explorer (11)

Step 1: Select Tools > Delete browsing history….

Hit Alt on your keyboard if the menu bar is hidden. 

​Step 2: Configure your options.

Make sure the Preserve Favorites and website data option is not selected. Then, check Temporary Internet/website files, Cookies and website data and History. 

Step 3: Click “Delete,” then close all windows and re-launch to complete the process.


(Updated 5/11/2016) 

Please let us know if you have additional questions.

You can always file a support ticket if you have additional questions by clicking the Support button in your dashboard shown here or clicking here to file a support ticket.

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