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Changing the Facebook Preview of your Leadpage (Drag & Drop Builder)

Our new Drag & Drop Builder includes the option to easily customize the information Facebook uses to generate a preview when you (or one of your customers) posts your page to their Timeline. As a bonus, other social media sites can often use this information as well (such as Twitter).

Below, you can find the steps needed to customize the information for social sharing on your Leadpages in our Drag & Drop Builder.

Step 1: Open the Analytics settings for your Leadpage, and choose Facebook Sharing.

Step 2: Fill out the information you’d like to appear in your Facebook sharing preview, then click “Save.”

You can enter the title, description, and upload a photo that will appear in your Facebook share preview. To learn more about each setting, you can mouse over the question mark icon. 

PLEASE NOTE: Images must be 200px × 200px at a minimum to be used for the Facebook preview. For best results, it's recommended that your image is at least 600px × 315px.

Advanced Options

While it's completely optional, there may be certain cases in which you'd like to add additional information for Facebook to use, such as the type of content you're sharing. If you're familiar with Open Graph tags and would like to add more to your page, you can do so in the Tracking Code head-tag section, as shown here:

For a full reference of object properties that Facebook supports, please see:

Step 3: Publish or Update your Leadpage and run its URL through the Facebook Debugger tool.

You can access Facebook’s Debugger here: Once there, paste in the URL for your Leadpage and click Debug or Fetch New Scrape Information.

You should then see your a preview of what users will see when sharing your page on Facebook, as shown below.

That’s it! Your preview should now reflect the information you've customized for your Leadpage. 

PLEASE NOTE: While customizing the information that Facebook should use is possible, the preview is ultimately generated by Facebook and we cannot guarantee that you'll be able to fully control your Facebook preview. If you run into issues or have further questions, please check out Facebook's documentation on sharing here:

Using our Standard Builder?

If you're using our Standard Builder, you can find alternative instructions for changing your Facebook preview here: How can I change my Facebook preview?

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