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Center FAQs

Q: Why can't I create rules in Center?

  • In order to use Center, you must be logged in with the same email address you used to purchase your account. It's possible that this is not the same email address you used to create your LeadPages account.
  • If your LeadPages account uses a different email address, you will need to completely log out of LeadPages before accessing your Center account.

Q: How do I remove a source from a segment I've created?

  • To remove a source, hover over the icon and click the 'Remove' button.


Q: How do I edit a rule I've created?

  • Currently there is no way to edit a rule in Center. You will need to deactivate the rule you want to change, and create a new rule from scratch. Once a rule is deactivated, the automation no longer runs but the list of contacts is still available in Center.
  • Once the rule is deactivated, you can delete it. But once you delete a rule, there is no way to restore the rule or the list of contacts it has generated.

Q: How do I delete a rule in Center?

  • To delete a rule you have to deactivate it first (see above). Once the rule has been deactivated, the delete option will appear.


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