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Building a Leadpage Using Our Drag & Drop Builder

Our developers are regularly adding new Drag & Drop templates to the “Templates” section of your account to help you get started quickly. If you would like to build a page from scratch, simply begin with an existing template and remove the page elements so you have a clean slate to work from.

Quick Start Guide to Building Leadpages in Builder 3.0


Step 1: Select the “Drag & Drop” tab to find templates you can use in our new builder, and select one. 

Step 2: Name your page (You can change your page’s name and URL later).

Step 4: Click the “Start Building” button. This will take you to our Drag & Drop Builder environment.

Step 5: Build your page.

Please note: changes that you make are automatically saved every 20 seconds.

5a. Edit the template by changing the content and settings of the page, sections, layouts, and widgets.

5b. Customize your page by adding/deleting sections, columns (layouts), and widgets.

5c. Set your Page Style options.

Step 6: Add any analytics and tracking information you'd like to use. Click here for step by step instructions.

Step 7: Preview or Publish your page.

(Please note: To preview/publish pages that includes a Leadbox, you must confirm and save your integration settings.)


Customizing Your Page

Pages in our new builder are composed of Sections, Columns, and Widgets which can be customized through menus.

  • To access the menu that allows you to customize a section, click the blue ellipsis which appears when you hover over the center top of the section. 

  • To access the menu that allows you to customize a column, click the gray ellipsis which appears when you hover over the center top of the column.

  • To access the menu that allows you to customize a widget, double-click the widget. Click here to learn about the widget options you can use to build your page.
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