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The HTML Widget

The HTML Widget allows you to add items and functionality that may not already be built into the Drag & Drop Builder. 

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Using the HTML Widget

    Adding your HTML code

    What can I do with a HTML Widget?

Customization and styling details

Tips and FAQs 

Using the HTML Widget

Adding your HTML code

To add your code, click the HTML widget on the page to select it, then click HTML to open the editor fly-out. Once selected, you will be able to paste in your code, as seen below.

Click the blue Save button within the HTML widget after adding or changing your code to ensure that it’s retained when you publish or update your page.


What can I do with a HTML Widget?  

The HTML widget can be used to add functionality that may not already be built into the Drag & Drop Builder. Below are a few examples of common use cases. Keep in mind that we do not provide the code for these elements—services will often provide code you can use on webpages. Look for an “embed” or “iframe” option in the service you use to see if they provide HTML code.

Add a Survey to your page

Embed a Google Calendar on your page

Embed a location via Google Maps

Add an image gallery

Customization and Styling Details​ 

  • All code added to an HTML widget is taken as is, and is not validated by our builder.
  • Customizing and styling content added to an HTML widget must be done within the HTML itself.  

Tips and Frequently Asked Questions

Where can the HTML widget be used?

The HTML widget widget can be placed alongside any widgets on your page. When placed next to another widget, the width of HTML modal can be adjusted. Keep in mind that unlike other widgets, sizing and alignment are determined mostly by your code.  

Why isn't my HTML widget working in the Builder?

The HTML you use will not be rendered live in the builder, but will be able to see it in the preview mode or live version of your page. 

What happens if I change something and it stops working?

We recommend using caution when editing your HTML code. Please note we cannot provide support for third-party code or help troubleshoot issues you may have with it. If you need assistance with your code, please consult your code provider’s documentation or support options. 


(Updated 07/25/16)

Please let us know if you have additional questions!

We’re here to help. If you run into any issues or just have additional questions, please contact our support team. You can also create a ticket by clicking the ? in the top right corner of your Leadpages dashboard. 

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