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The Calendar and Text Widget

Using the Calendar + Text widget allows you to place a calendar and text in the same part of your page, without needing two separate widgets. 

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Using the Calendar + Text Widget​

    Editing Text

    Formatting Text

    Adjusting the calendar and text positions

Customization and styling details

Tips and Frequently Asked Questions

Using the Calendar + Text Widget

Much like our Image + Text widget, the Calendar + Text widget allows you to place a calendar and any pertinent textual information regarding the date displayed, in a single container. 

Editing Text

Just as you can in the Image + Text widget, you can edit the text in the Calendar + Text widget by clicking to place the cursor in text. You can then type to edit the text as desired. If you make a mistake, you can use standard undo and redo keyboard shortcuts (Command-Z/Ctrl-Z to undo, and Command-Y/Ctrl-Y to redo).

Formatting text

Click the and icons in the text widget settings panel to bold or italicize text, respectively. To add an underline or strike-through effect, first click the font icon (Aa), then toggle either option at the bottom of the panel, as shown below.

You can also adjust the font, size, and line spacing of your text under the Aa menu.​

Adjusting the text and calendar positions

Clicking the calendar and text widget will bring up a side panel where you can choose between eight different position settings for the calendar relative to the text. You can also hover your cursor between the calendar graphic and text and drag to give one or the other more space.

Customization and Styling Details

  • Editing the date in the Calendar + Text widget is as simple as clicking the calendar, then clicking the date icon and selecting the date you’d like to display.
  • You can customize the colors of the calendar by clicking the color option, then choosing your desired color from the picker for the Month and Date.
  • The style setting allows you to change to overall look and feel of the calendar, as shown below.

Tips and Frequently Asked Questions

Can I change the text in the calendar graphic (to use a different language, for instance)?

Not yet, but it is something we’re working on. In the meantime, you may consider uploading a custom calendar graphic and using the image + text widget instead. 


(Updated 07/20/16)

Please let us know if you have additional questions!

We’re here to help. If you run into any issues or just have additional questions, please contact our support team. You can also create a ticket by clicking the ? in the top right corner of your Leadpages dashboard. 

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