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Create a Leaddigit

NOTE: Leaddigits are available to Pro and Advanced customers.

Leaddigits is a tool that allows you to collect leads via text messages. People who see the phone number and text code that you promote can opt in to your email lists via SMS messaging—that is, the same text-message service most people use on their phones every day.

Through integration with your email service provider and a lead magnet, you can arrange for your new leads to automatically receive something good—for instance, information about an event, email updates on your project, or even a coupon for your business.

This article introduces Leaddigits and lays out the steps to set up a Leaddigit.


Creating a new Leaddigit

  1. Navigate to Leaddigits by selecting the tab in your account dashboard.
  2. Click Create New Leaddigit
  3. Select your Leaddigit number, unique identifier, and your custom opt-in message. See “Setting up Leaddigit options” below for more information.

Setting up Leaddigit options

  • Choose your country and Leaddigit number. If your country isn’t listed, please choose a U.S.-based number — i.e., a number that begins with “+1.” Note the 5-digit short code numbers will only work from within the U.S.
  • Your Leaddigit’s unique identifier is the “code” that your leads will send to your Leaddigit’s number to start the opt-in process. Unique identifiers can’t be used more by more than one customer—which means each account comes with ten unique identifiers. If you’d like to purchase more, please contact our support team
NOTE: Your unique identifier must be one word between 6–20 characters (letters, numbers, and dashes only).​
  • Add your custom instructions for opting in. We strongly recommend a message that includes explicit instructions to respond with an email address. If your lead responds with text other than their email address, the opt-in process won’t work.

Integrate your Leaddigit and more

Once you’ve configured your Leaddigit’s options, you can decide what you’d like to happen when your leads opt in.

Many email service providers, such as MailChimp, require an international phone number field set up on your form within their service in order to properly integrate a Leaddigit. Click here for more information on adding a custom phone number field your MailChimp form. 

NOTE: Leaddigits utilize our Standard (Legacy) Builder integration system. Make sure to connect any services you'd like to use with Leaddigits by following these steps.

About Leaddigit actions

  • The “notification emails” will be sent to your account email address, or any other email you've set up in our Lead Notifications system. For more information on Lead Notifications, please see our article here
  • All API-based integrations in your account will appear as mailing list options.
  • A GoToWebinar integration is required to register customers to GTW events.

You’ll see any options you select reflected in the “Your Leaddigit® in Action” panel, as shown above. When you finish customizing your Leaddigit, click Save & Close.

You can always go back and edit your Leaddigits—as well as view how many opt-ins you've collected-under the Leaddigits tab in your Leadpages account. 

Frequently asked questions

My country is not listed. Can I still use Leaddigits?

Yes, you can still use Leaddigits! All it takes is using one of the "long numbers" (e.g. U.S. phone numbers with +1 in the beginning). 

5-digit short code numbers you see listed only work in the U.S. at this time. 

Like with any other international number, international fees will apply. Meaning, people who opt-in to your Leaddigit may be charged messaging fees depending on their mobile carrier. Depending on the needs or our customers we will be adding international numbers along the way — please open a support ticket if you would like to add a request for your region.

My integration is on the list but I can’t get it to work! What can I do?

Some integrations require specific formats for the lists/forms in order to work with Leaddigits. The following integrations require manual tweaking: 

  • MailChimp: In order to use MailChimp with Leaddigits, you will need to change the default form to include phone number field or else it will be missing from the list. The best practice for this integration would be for the default form for your list include only email and phone number fields.
  • OfficeAutoPilot (ONTRAPORT): In order for OfficeAutoPilot/ONTRAPORT list to work with Leaddigits, you must first create a sequence.
  • Infusionsoft: For Infusionsoft to work with Leadpages, both Legacy and Campaign Creator forms need to be configured with a phone field and an email field as default. The form must also have bot detection turned off. Once that has been accomplished the forms will be compatible with Leaddigits. 

Why is phone number data from my Leaddigit opt-ins being populated in multiple fields? 

Some integrations will automatically fill in multiple fields with the phone number collected from a Leaddigit opt-in. 

  • Marketo: When integrated with Leaddigits, Marketo will automatically use information submitted to populate "Phone," "Fax," and "Mobile" fields.
  • iContact: When integrated with Leaddigits, a standard list populates the phone number data into "Business Name," "Phone" and "Fax" fields.
  • Constant Contact: When integrated with Leaddigits a standard list populates phone number data into "Home," "Mobile," "Work," and "Fax" fields.
  • Salesforce: When integrated with Leaddigits, phone number data shows up in Leads as "Phone" and "Fax" fields, but not as a subscriber in the campaign.

Why is my integration collecting emails but no phone number?

It is currently not possible to send phone numbers through Leaddigits to the following integrations: 

  • SendReach
  • ActiveCampaign
  • GoToWebinar 

If this is occurring and your integration is not on the list above, please reach out to support for help! 

Can I send opt-in data from a Leaddigit to two lists in ActiveCampaign?

It's not currently possible to set up a Leaddigit to send opt-ins to multiple lists in ActiveCampaign. That said, you can set up an automation within ActiveCampaign to ensure opt-ins are subscribed to multiple lists by following the instructions outlined here.

Do Leaddigits comply with industry standards for users to opt-out of SMS messages?

Yes, the Leaddigits system is powered by Twilio, which provides a variety of identifiers so users can opt out of text messages (and back in). Send STOP, STOPALL, UNSUBSCRIBE, CANCEL, END, QUIT to your Leaddigit number to opt out of notifications. 

Users can also send START or YES to restart notifications, and HELP or INFO to learn more about Leaddigit messages. Please note that any of the identifiers above are reserved, and cannot be used for your Leaddigits unique identifier.

For more information on these identifiers, click here.

(Updated July 11, 2018)

Please let us know if you have additional questions.

You can always file a support ticket if you have additional questions by clicking the Support button in your dashboard shown here or clicking here to file a support ticket.

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