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Video Background Page - Frequently Asked Questions

Our Video Background Page template has some very specific requirements for using video and images. This article answers several related questions.


I have uploaded my .mp4 video and my images to Amazon S3. Why does my Leadpage not show the video or the alternative background image, even if I'm using the URLs I get from Amazon S3?

The URLs from Amazon S3 may have invalid security credentials. If your Leadpage is being viewed via a secure link (i.e., https://), all the resources on the page must also be from a secure environment or they will be blocked by the browser's security settings. If your link begins with http://, try using the same link with https:// to see if it is working properly.

How do I know if my video has the “H.264, AAC” encoding? And if it doesn’t, what do I need to do? 

Most video editors will be able to provide this information. In addition, most video editors will allow you to encode your video using a specific codec, and you can select “H.264, AAC” when creating the video.

How do I know if my video is letter-boxed or contains any other framing?

Framing is visually apparent. If there are black areas visible on the sides of the video, with a center rectangular area playing the video, the video is letter-boxed. This is important because you will want your video content to 'fill up' the entire background area in your Leadpage. If you use a video that is letter-boxed when creating your Leadpage with the video background template, you will see the black spaces on either side of your video and your video will only play in the center rectangular area.

Will the Video Background Page also play audio?

No, it's only possible to play video in the background using this template.

Why do I receive an XML error code from Amazon S3?

If you receive an XML error message, it's likely that you have not made your Amazon bucket available for public viewing. For more information, please read Amazon's article on Permissions Required for Website Access.


(Updated 5/19/16)

Please let us know if you have additional questions.

You can always file a support ticket if you have additional questions by clicking the Support button in your dashboard shown here or clicking here to file a support ticket.

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