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What are Leadlinks and How do they work?

Leadlinks make it easier than ever before for your prospects to opt into your lists, sub-lists and webinars! Simply copy and paste a Leadlink into your broadcast emails using your email service provider, and your prospects can instantly register for your list, sub-list, or your webinar by clicking your Leadlink. No need to opt-in, or give additional information! 

With single opt-in, once your prospect clicks your Leadlink to register, they will be instantly added to the list or webinar that you’ve selected. With double-optin, once your prospect clicks your Leadlink to register, your prospect will receive a confirmation email.

Leadlinks are especially helpful when affiliates mail their list about joining your webinars or lists.

To use this feature for affiliates, simply create a Leadlink for your affiliate for the Email Service Provider (ESP) that they will use to broadcast your email. Keep in mind, your affiliate’s ESP can be different than the ESP that you are using to build your own list.

Once your affiliate drops this unique Leadlink into their email, your affiliate’s prospects can sign up for your webinar or list with a single click.


IMPORTANT: When used with Email, your Leadlinks must be pasted into a message sent from your Email Service Provider's autoresponder!

Leadlinks work due to a service's ability to provide field personalization, which means that you must send your Leadlinks through an autoresponder. Your Leadlinks will not work if they are pasted into a standard email message, such as a message sent through your Gmail account. Because a Leadlink pulls contact information from a list, you must send it from the place where those contacts are stored.


Leadlinks work with any software that provides field personalization, for example Email Services (such as the ones Leadpages integrate with), but also Content Management Systems and Membership Systems. If your software is set up to automatically replace a personalization string with your contacts' actual email addresses and names, you should be able to use a Leadlink with that service.


When Should I Consider a Leadlink?

There are many different ways that you could use Leadlinks, but here are a few situations to consider:


When you’re hosting an internal webinar and you want current subscribers to attend

Send out a Leadlink to your current subscribers, and they can be instantly registered for your webinar with a single click!


For a promotion in which you want to separate people into specific sub-lists

Send out a Leadlink to your current subscribers, and when they click on that Leadlink to indicate interest, they will be added to your sub-list. You can then target future messages to just those subscribers in your sub-list!


When an affiliate is sending out a promotional mailing for one of your webinars

Generate a Leadlink for your affiliate using their ESP, and then give the Leadlink to them to include in a broadcast message for their subscribers. When contacts in your affiliate's list click on the Leadlink, they will be instantly registered to your webinar!


When you're hosting a members-only promotion or webinar and you want the members of your community to sign up with one click

Generate a Leadlink using the custom option and set it up with the personalization strings used by your membership software.


Am I able to use Leadlinks with my specific Email Service Provider?

Leadlinks require two specific technologies. If these are not available with your Email Service Provider, then you will not be able to use Leadlinks to send leads to that Email Service Provider. For more information—and to see a list of providers that can be integrated with Leadlinks—please see: Why is my service provider not listed in the Leadlinks interface?


Ready to create a Leadlink?

Fantastic! You can learn the steps to create a Leadlink in this article: Creating a Leadlink.

(Updated 4/1/2016)

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