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How do I integrate Leadpages with my webinar service?

There are several methods of handling webinar registrations using Leadpages.  We integrate Leadpages directly with GoToWebinar and WebinarJam, but those are not your only choices. 

Using Google Hangouts

To host and run webinars for free (without paying GoToWebinar fees, etc.), you can use Google Hangouts. Learn more about Hangouts in these articles:

How to Host and Run Webinars for Free

How to Host Huge Google+ Hangouts

Using other services

If you use another webinar service (such as Instant Teleseminar), you may still be able to integrate it with Leadpages, depending on how that webinar service works. If the webinar service provides you with a general link to the webinar (as opposed to a unique link per attendee), here’s how you can use these services:

1. Set up your webinar via your webinar service

2. Create a special list and an opt-in form for that specific webinar in your email service provider account.

3. Integrate your webinar list with Leadpages just like you would with any other email list.

Instructions for integrating your email lists can be found here.

4. Send all the information the attendees will need, including the link to the webinar (that you received from your webinar service) in the confirmation email for your email list.

Provide the details for the webinar in the welcome email for the webinar list or the email that you can send directly from Leadpages.

You can also use your list to send webinar reminders before the webinar, as well as a replay link and any other follow-up information you would like your attendees to receive.


(Updated 3/30/16)

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