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Integrate Interspire with Leadpages (Legacy Builder)

NOTE: The Interspire integration is available in the Standard (Legacy) Builder.

Interspire, the email marketing software, integrates with our Standard (Legacy) Builder. After you've selected the template you want to use for your Lead Page, use the following steps to integrate your Lead Page with Interspire.


The fine print

  • Interspire has been deprecated as a product. They will continue to support their product until May 2019.
  • Interspire is available with Standard Lead Pages and pop-ups.

Integrate your account

To integrate with Interspire, you'll need an Interspire XML path, username and token before connecting to Leadpages.

Setting up Interspire XML

Unlike other integrations, Interspire accounts do not have individual API Keys, but use XML to connect instead. These XML settings are accessible inside of Interspire.


  1. Click the profile icon at the top-right corner of your dashboard, then Integrations and select Interspire.
  2. Open your Interspire account in a separate tab (e.g. and click on Users & Groups in your account’s navigation, then click Edit next to the user you want to connect to your Leadpages account. 
  3. Switch to the Advanced User Settings tab in Interspire, then check the box next to “Yes, allow this user to use the XML API”. Finally, copy all three XML fields and paste in a place where you'll have easy access to it.
  4. Back in Leadpages, paste the XML information from Interspire in the appropriate fields, and click Connect.

Send leads to Interspire

Once you've integrated your Interspire account with your Leadpages account, you'll have the option of selecting Interspire as a destination for your leads. Follow these steps to choose Interspire as the destination for your leads.

(Updated January 22, 2019)

Please let us know if you have additional questions.

You can always file a support ticket if you have additional questions by clicking the ? support button at the top-right corner of your account dashboard or by clicking here to file a support ticket

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