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Integrating Interspire with a Leadpage

The following steps will show you how to integrate Interspire with your Leadpage(s). Please note, you must connect your Leadpages account with Interspire before you can utilize the integration.


Step 1: Give Your Leadpage a name and Save it.

It's good practice to start by giving your Leadpage a name, clicking 'Done', and then clicking the green SAVE button to save your Leadpage.


Step 2: Click on a “Call to Action” button in your page to access the Link Options.


Step 3: With the “Show Opt-in Form” radio button selected, click the arrow next to “Advanced settings.”


Step 4: Click the “View/Edit” button next to the opt-in form you want to integrate with Interspire.

Step 5: Select Interspire and your list from the drop-down menus.

Step 6: Then click “Customize this form” to modify the default integration settings.

(Note: In the future, whenever you make a change in your Interspire account, click "Reload" to update your Interspire lists and forms, then re-save your Leadpage.)


Step 7: Confirm your form fields.

Leadpages pulls the fields shown here from the fields that you created in your Interspire form. If you have required a field on your Interspire form, it must be included on your Leadpage as well.
When you have selected your desired fields to include on your Leadpage, then click the blue Okay button.


PLEASE NOTE: You must always click the blue Okay button to save your settings.


Step 8: Click “Thank you page” in your Form Opt-in settings.


Step 9: Enter your Thank You Page URL or use the default, then click the Okay button.

The Thank You Page is the page people will be directed to after they have provided their opt-in information.

We recommend that you use Leadpages to create a beautiful thank you page, but you can direct people to another special page on your own website if you prefer. In either case, simply enter the URL in the box provided.



Step 10: Click “SAVE” then “PUBLISH” to test your Leadpage.

Test your new integration by opting in from your published page. Check to see that your testing email address has been added to your Interspire List and that any autoresponders that you have created in your Interspire account have been sent.


(updated 3/28/16)

Please let us know if you have additional questions.

You can always file a support ticket if you have additional questions by clicking the Support button in your dashboard shown here or clicking here to file a support ticket.

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