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How to Integrate iContact with Your Leadpages™ Account

Unlike other integrations, iContact accounts do not have individual API Keys. Instead, services like Leadpages—which enable connectivity between opt-in forms and iContact lists—provide users with an API-ApplicationID. 

This article will walk you through the steps of authorizing the Leadpages API-ApplicationID to connect to your iContact account, and integrating your Leadpages account with iContact. 

Step 1: Request the Leadpages API-ApplicationID from the support team. Copy the Leadpages API-ApplicationID. Then log into the iContact “External Access” page.

Reach out to Leadpages support for the Leadpages API-ApplicationID.

Step 2: Paste the API-ApplicationID into the provided Application ID field then create a password and click “Save.” 

Keep this password handy as you'll need it in a future step. For more information regarding this setup process, please view iContact's documentation here.

Step 3: Ensure that you have at least one list saved in iContact.


Step 4: Log into your Leadpages account, click on your name at the top-right corner, and select “Integrations.”


Step 5: Select iContact.

Step 6: Enter your iContact username and the password you created in Step 2. Then press “Connect.”

Congratulations! Your Leadpages™ account is now integrated with iContact!

Next step: How to integrate a Leadpage with your iContact list. 

(Updated 05/30/18)

Please let us know if you have additional questions.

You can always file a support ticket if you have additional questions by clicking the Support button in your dashboard shown here or clicking here to file a support ticket.


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