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Integrate 1ShoppingCart, 1AutomationWiz and World Internet Office with Leadpages (Legacy Builder)

NOTE: The 1ShoppingCart integration is available in the Standard (Legacy) Builder. However, the HTML widget will allow for 1SC embedding in the Drag & Drop Builder.

1ShoppingCart and the services using it—1AutomationWiz and World Internet Office use the method below. Here's how to integrate a Standard Lead Page or pop-up with these platforms.


Integrating with 1ShoppingCart

The 1ShoppingCart integration is very similar to the Standard Builder's Other Copy/Paste integration. You'll simply connect the integration in your account settings, then paste the HTML form code that 1ShoppingCart has provided.

Before taking the steps below, be sure to create your form within 1ShoppingCart and copy it in order to paste it into your Lead Page or pop-up.

Step-by-step using 1ShoppingCart

  1. Navigate to the profile icon at the top-right corner of your account dashboard, then click Integrations.
  2. Select 1ShoppingCart from the list of integrations, then click Connect.
  3. Navigate to edit one of your Standard Lead Pages or pop-ups, then click on your call-to-action button and select Integration settings from the left-hand sidebar inside the builder.
  4. Under "Integrate form with," select 1ShoppingCart, then paste in your 1SC form code and click Customize this form when finished.
  5. Press Okay at the bottom-left corner of the builder, then Save and Publish your page.

(Updated January 22, 2019)

Please let us know if you have additional questions.

You can always file a support ticket if you have additional questions by clicking the ? support button at the top-right corner of your account dashboard or by clicking here to file a support ticket

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