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Adding Multiple Opt-in Forms to Your Leadpage

Easily add multiple opt-in forms with different integration settings to the same Leadpage.

Key Terms + Phrases: Multiple call to actions, Leadboxes, multiple opt-in forms

How It Works

Use this when you want to drive traffic to two or more different lists and/or integrations from the same Leadpage. Visitors will have the ability to opt in to multiple/different events, time slots, or Email Service Provider integrations, depending on which button they click.

For example, in the Leadpage below, each “Click Here to Claim...,” box is linked to a different integration setting/list. This means that you can segment your audience right from the point of opt-in, providing different thank you pages, and/or follow-up sequences.

Step-by-Step Instructions

Step 1: Open or create a new Leadpage.

Step 2: Click the gear in the top right corner of the first call to action button that you’d like to set integration for and select “Link Options.”

Step 3: On the Link Options window, select the “Show Opt-in Form” radio button (On some templates this will be the default setting). Then, click “Advanced Settings” to configure your first integration.

NOTE: The first opt-in form you create will be the “base” opt-in form for all the call to action buttons on the page set to “Show Opt-in Form” by default.

Step 4: Click the pencil icon to name your first Opt-in Form.

Step 5: Click the “View/Edit” button to connect your first integration choice.

Step 6: The form options will appear. Click “Integration Settings.”

Step 7: Select your email service provider or webinar service from the drop-down list and proceed with setting up your integration. Click here if you need step-by-step instructions for your specific integration.

Step 8: To add additional Leadboxes that connect with different integrations…

  1. Select a new call to action button.
  2. Ensure that “Show Opt-in Form” is the selected option.
  3. Navigate to Advanced settings on the link options screen.
  4. Click on the +Create Another Opt-In Form button.

Step 9: Repeat steps 3-8 for each additional call to action you want to connect to a different opt-in form. 

NOTE: You can have more than one call to action button connected to the same opt-in form. The green radio button indicates the opt-in form that’s connected to the call to action button you are currently editing.

Step 10: Remember to click “DONE” before moving onto the next call to action you want to create a unique connection for.

You should also know…

  • Any Leadboxes (i.e. opt-in forms) that exist on your page but aren’t mapped to a call to action button are “orphaned Leadboxes” and will be deleted when your Leadpage is saved.
  • Leadboxes created in a given Leadpage are only available in that Leadpage, and not available under the Leadboxes main menu.
  • The opt-ins for all Leadboxes on a given Leadpage will be counted toward the same analytics.


(Updated 5/19/2016)

Please let us know if you have additional questions.

You can always file a support ticket if you have additional questions by clicking the Support button in your dashboard shown here or clicking here to file a support ticket.

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