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Edit and Manage Leadpages

In this article, learn where to find your saved Leadpages, how to edit them, and tips for managing it all.

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Getting started

Edit a saved Leadpage

Manage your Leadpages

    Naming tips

    Use labels

    Identify page information

    Other options

Getting started

If you haven’t yet, please review our Getting Started Video

Once you’ve created a Leadpage and saved it, you can find it under the Leadpages tab in your account, as seen here:

Your saved pages will appear in a list, ordered by when they were last updated. While it isn’t possible to manually rearrange pages, you can sort them by different properties. 

Click the “Order” drop-down menu to sort your pages to suit your needs (such as by name or by conversion rate). You can also search for any page using the field at the top of the list.

TIP: Search results will match page names and labels. 

Edit a saved Leadpage

To edit a saved page, click its name or click the Edit icon to the right, as seen here:

Editing your page will bring you into our Drag & Drop or Standard Builder (depending on your page’s template). 

Manage your pages

As your list of pages grows, there are a few things you can do to keep things manageable. 

Naming tips

First, we recommend giving each page a descriptive name, so you can easily remember what each one is called and search for them later. You may even consider appending a campaign name to the end of each page in a given funnel (although you can also use labels for this purpose).

To rename any page, check out our full guide here: How Do I Edit the Name of a Leadpage?

Keep in mind, you can change the title of any page manually so that visitors won’t see the name you’ve chosen. 

Use labels

Each page can have one color-coded label. To add a label, click + Label next to any page’s title, as shown below (note it only appears when you hover next to the title).

Choose a color to assign the label to your page—you can name labels by clicking the pencil icon next to any color. ​Click “Filter: All Labels ▿ at the top of your page list to to choose any of your labels. When you select one, you’ll only see pages with that label. 

TIP: Labels are great for organizing pages by campaign or funnel. For instance, you could give each page in a video sales funnel the same label to easily find and manage them. They’re also great if you work with clients—simply create a label for each of your clients and add it to pages you create for them. 

Identify page information

Besides your pages’ names and labels, you can get extra information just by scanning your list. The icon before each page denotes whether that page uses a Standard or Drag & Drop template (you’ll also find this information under page names). Under each page name, you’ll also find the date it was published. 

To the right, you’ll get a quick overview of your page’s analytics, including: your total unique visitors, total opt-ins, and conversion rate. You can get to any page’s full analytics by clicking the chart icon next to the edit button.

Other options

Each page also has an Actions menu (…) where you can find publishing options, as well as options to rename or delete a page. To learn more, check out our guides here: Managing Your Leadpages.


(Updated February 22, 2017)

Please let us know if you have additional questions.

You can always file a support ticket if you have additional questions by clicking the Support button in your dashboard shown here or clicking here to file a support ticket.

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