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Receive Email Notifications for New Opt-Ins

When you integrate Lead Notifications with your conversion tools, we’ll send new subscribers’ information straight to your email inbox. Most forms you create use Lead Notifications by default. We recommend keeping Lead Notifications integrated when…

  • you want to get up-and-running as quickly as possible
  • you don’t use an email service provider (ESP)
  • you’re in a testing phase and aren’t yet ready to connect to your ESP
  • you prefer to have new leads sent directly to you

Keep in mind, you can use Lead Notifications with each of our tools: Leadpages, Leadboxes, Leadlinks, and Leaddigits. 

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Set up Lead Notifications

Add email addresses

Use Lead Notifications with other services

Set up Lead Notifications

You don’t need to do much to start using Lead Notifications. Whenever you set up a new form—whether that’s on a page or in a Leaddigit—it’ll send opt-in data to your account’s email address. You can check your setup in your form’s settings, as shown below.

Drag& Drop Leadpages and Leadboxes

Standard Leadpages, Leadboxes, and Leadlinks

NOTE: The example above uses a Leadpage, but you can find Integration settings in the left sidebar for Standard Leadboxes and Leadlinks as well.


Note that Leaddigits are only available with Pro subscriptions and above. 

When you use Lead Notifications without any other services, subscriber data will get sent to your email address directly. Keep in mind that except for Leaddigits, you must integrate with Lead Notifications if you don’t connect to a third-party service. 

WARNING: Unless you’re using our Drag & Drop Builder, we do not store opt-in data from your forms. We recommend integrating with an ESP or CRM for easier access to your subscribers’ information.

Add email addresses

If you prefer, you can send new leads to email addresses other than your account’s default address. Here’s how:

  1. Go to your account’s integration settings under Your Name › Integrations in the top-right corner of your dashboard.
  2. Click Lead Notifications
  3. Enter the new email address you’d like to use, then click Add Email
  4. Check your inbox for a confirmation link and click it to activate the email address (or instruct whomever owns the email address to do so).
  5. Verify the “Confirmed” status of the new email back in your account. You may need to click Refresh List if you don’t see changes right away. 
TIP: You can remove any unused email addresses by clicking the “x” next to their status (found in your account under Integrations › Lead Notifications).

Use additional email addresses

To actually use another email address, you’ll need to select it in your form’s settings. Open the form you’d like to edit, choose Lead Notifications from your integration settings, then select the email you’d like to use. 

You can also send leads to multiple email addresses simultaneously. To do so, click Add Another Contact in your Lead Notification integration settings and select the additional email address. Then, click Okay/Done for your integration settings and save your form. 

Use Lead Notifications with other services

It’s possible to integrate with your ESP or CRM and continue to use Lead Notifications at the same time. If you’re using a Drag & Drop form, simply keep the Lead Notifications integration active instead of deleting it. 

For Standard pages and Leadboxes, set up your ESP or CRM click Yes under the “Integrate with Lead Notifications” option in your integration settings.


Compatible fields

Lead Notifications supports a limited selection of text-based fields. So, keep in mind when you use Lead Notifications with another integration, any custom fields you’ve set up may not be included in notification messages.

We currently support the following field types:

  • Email (required)
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Phone Number
  • Street Address
  • City
  • State
  • Zip Code
  • Comment

Note that even though email notifications may not include certain fields, they should still pass through to your other service(s). 


(Updated February 22, 2017)

Please let us know if you have additional questions.

You can always file a support ticket if you have additional questions by clicking the Support button (?) in your dashboard—as shown here—or by clicking here to file a support ticket.

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