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Which templates feature the Fade-In Box?

The fade-in box button, also known as the Magic Buy Button or Fade-in Container,  appears when your visitor has been on your page for the amount of time you set in the fade-in box counter.

The fade-in box counter starts when the page is loaded. For example, if the fade-in timer is set to 5 minutes and 15 seconds, the box will appear 5 minutes and 15 seconds after the page has loaded in the browser, regardless of when a video or media element begins playing, or if it has been paused, or if it is played at double-speed, etc.


Adding a Fade-in Container/Box to Your Page

Step 1: Find your Fade-in Container settings in the Page Editor. (This will only be available for the pages that include this feature.)

Step 2: Click the Fade-in Container Options link to set the time your fade-in button/container appears.


Step 3: Make any other adjustments to your Fade-in settings.

You can also make any changes you would like to elements within your fade-in container (e.g. hiding any elements you don't need, configuring your button link, etc.).

Be sure to click Save when you have finished editing.


The following Leadpage templates contain the Fade-In Box/Container feature:

  • Brian Moran Bonuses Page 
  • (New) Video Lesson Page for Autoresponder Follow-up
  • Video Fake-Out Squeeze Page (Co-Created With Charles Kirkland) 
  • Video Squeeze Page (Co-Created With Charles Kirkland)
  • Video Sales Page
  • Video Lesson Page For Autoresponder Followup
  • Video Sales Page 2
  • Video Sales Page 3
  • Web 3.0 Sales Letter
  • Webinar Replay
  • Webinar Replay 2.0 Page

  • Jeff Walker Sales Page


(Updated 06/27/2016)

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