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Why has my page been updated and what does it mean?

This article explains what you need to know if you see a message in your page editor that your page has been updated.

If you see the message below, your page is being updated to the latest version of our template and builder.

When we have updated the functionality and features of a template you will see an update alert like, 'Update Alert: Your Page Is Now Using the Updated Version of This Template (Double-check your page right now for any changes.)'

In the unlikely event you want to keep the page exactly as it was before the update, you can do that as long as you close the page *without* saving.

If you make any changes to your page and click 'Save', you will update your page to the new version of the template. Do NOT save if you do not want to update your page. 

Why we update our templates

Our template/builder updates give you access to more advanced integrations and features - and higher conversion rates!

Since Leadpages was introduced, our software has evolved in many ways. Two of the most significant developments have been the move from one-step opt-in forms to two-step opt-ins and multiple form field templates.


These updates to our software offer several advantages:

What you need to do now if you want to update (or have already clicked save and updated) your page:

Because your page has been migrated to a two-step opt-in process you will need to:

  • Check your page carefully to be sure that your integration settings are correct 
  • Customize the opt-in box for your webform

This video shows you an example of how to check these settings


Test your new page thoroughly to ensure it works as intended


  1. Check your copy, both on your page and on the opt-in box
  2. Test the integration with your Email Service Provider
  3. Test Lead Magnet delivery


If you want to keep the page as-is (this is not recommended)

Although we do not recommend this, if you don't make *any* changes on your page at all and do *not* save it, the page will continue to perform as originally created.


  • You will not be able to edit this page at all
  • You will not be able to benefit from the many advantages of our new integration (which we continue developing)
  • We cannot promise that we will support the old integration indefinitely

(Updated 3/1/2016) 


Please let us know if you have additional questions.

You can always file a support ticket if you have additional questions by clicking the Support button in your dashboard shown here or clicking here to file a support ticket.

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