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Why Do I Not Receive New Subscriber Notifications From My Email Service Provider?

Leadpages integrates with a few email service providers that do not send opt-in email notifications under certain circumstances. Below, you can learn more details about the restrictions GetResponse and MailChimp have on email notifications and how to get around them. 

MailChimp API Policy

MailChimp will only send new subscriber notifications if you have double opt-in enabled. This is true even if you have set MailChimp to send notifications (See the fields below).

MailChimp API Policy


In other words, if you have set MailChimp’s Double Opt-in disabled in your integration settings, you will not receive email notifications from MailChimp about new subscribers.

PLEASE NOTE: The above is a policy chosen by MailChimp. It does not apply to all the services that we integrate with.

You can enable double opt-in to receive notification emails from MailChimp by following the steps below. 

1. Click your name in the upper right corner of your account dashboard, then Integrations.

2. Choose MailChimp from the grid of icons, and click the switch to enable Double Opt-In as shown here:

GetResponse API

GetResponse does not include the option to send new contact notifications through their API. However, you can use Lead Notifications to receive emails about new leads from Leadpages. 

How to Integrate with Lead Notifications to get around ESP Limitations

You can configure Lead Notifications as a secondary integration. This way, when someone submits your form they will be added to your ESP and you will receive an email notification from our system containing their information. To read more about using Lead Notifications, please see: How To Get Opt-Ins Delivered To Your Email Address Using The Lead Notifications Integration.

(Updated 4/19/16)

Please let us know if you have additional questions.

You can always file a support ticket if you have additional questions by clicking the Support button in your dashboard shown here or clicking here to file a support ticket.

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