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Redirect traffic from a Lead Page

There are times when you may need to redirect visitors away from a page, for example when a webinar or a launch has ended. 


Step-by-step instructions

To set up a redirect for your Lead Pages hosted on our servers (e.g. at, please follow the steps below.

  1. Navigate to your list of Lead Pages.
  2. Choose the Lead Page you’d like to redirect, then open its Actions more menu and choose Publishing Options
  3. Select the checkbox for "Redirect this URL," designate the URL you'd like to redirect to and click Save URL.

NOTE: The redirect feature only works with Lead Pages published on our server at your Leadpages Domain or connected domain. The feature does not work for pages published to your own server as HTML or to WordPress using our plugin. 

You can also choose to redirect only desktop traffic. If the box is…

  • unchecked: desktop and mobile visitors will be redirected to the URL above
  • checked: desktop visitors will be redirected to your chosen URL, but mobile visitors will not be redirected

Thank you pages

The word “redirect” can also apply to the page your subscribers see after they submit a form on your page.

That’s an entirely different kind of redirect, which needs to be set up in your email service provider (ESP) account or in the opt-in form settings of your Lead Page. For more information on how to configure your thank you page, please check out: Changing the Default Thank You Page

Countdown widget

Using the countdown widget, you can choose to redirect your Lead Page when the countdown reaches zero. Learn more on the countdown widget here.

(Updated February 11, 2019)

Please let us know if you have additional questions.

You can always file a support ticket if you have additional questions by clicking the ? support button at the top-right corner of your account dashboard or by clicking here to file a support ticket

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