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Add Lead Pages to WordPress navigation

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If you use WordPress, your site’s navigation menu can be a great traffic source for your Lead Pages. Unlike regular WordPress pages, your Lead Pages won’t be available in menus by default.

But don’t worry, it’s straightforward to add them—we’ll show you how in the guide below.


Publish your Lead Page

Your Lead Page must be published before you can link to it in your WordPress site’s navigation menu. Use our WordPress plugin to publish Lead Pages directly to your site, or use any of our other supported publishing methods.

Create or edit a menu

In your WordPress Dashboard, navigate to Appearance › Menus in the sidebar. From there, you can define a new menu or edit an existing one.

For a full guide on how to define and edit menus, check out WordPress’ guide here: Menu User Guide.

Link to your page

Now, you can link to your Lead Page from your menu. Below, you’ll find the steps you need depending on how you published your Lead Page.

For Lead Pages published to WordPress

NOTE: The instructions below require Version 2 of our WordPress plugin. If you’re using our legacy plugin, follow instructions for Lead Pages published elsewhere.

If you publish Lead Pages to your site with our plugin, they’ll appear in a Leadpages section on your menu’s edit screen. Select any pages you’d like in your menu, then select Add to Menu.


To rename a page’s label, click the drop-down arrow next to its title under “Menu Structure”. Then, input a new navigation label and click Save Menu.

For Lead Pages published elsewhere

Here’s how to add a Lead Page that’s not on your WordPress site to your navigation menu:

  1. Copy the URL of your published Lead Page. 
  2. In your WordPress menu (under Appearance › Menus in your WordPress Dashboard), select the “Custom Links” option.
  3. Paste in the URL of your Lead Page, then enter whatever text you’d like to appear in your menu for that link. Select Add to Menu.
  4. Click Save Menu.


Need more help?

You can always get in touch with our support team—just click help_circle in the top-right corner of your Leadpages dashboard, or submit a ticket ↗

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