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Can I Insert A Survey (Gravity Forms Or Other) Into A Leadpages Page?

Leadpages does not currently integrate directly with Gravity Forms or any other 3rd-party survey services.  

There is, however one Standard Template, the G+ Hangout Page (Also A Video Sales Page, Webinar Replay Page And Opt-in Page) in which you may be able to embed the iframe code of your form using the chat embed frame.

Step 1: Copy the iframe code for your survey.

Step 2: Place the iframe code in the "Chat Embed Options." 

Then your form will show on your page, instead of the chat box, as seen here:

You could also use the HTML widget using the drag & drop builder to embed a survey on your page. 

Step 1: Copy the html or iframe code for your survey.

Step 2: Place an HTML widget on your Leadpage.

Step 3. Paste the survey code into the widget. Save your page.


Another option would be to use the URL of your survey page as the thank you page for the webform integrated with your Leadpage. This would direct people to your full survey page after they've subscribed to your list. To learn more about replacing your form's default thank you page, please see our article, How Do I Replace The Default Thank You Page With My Custom Thank You Page.

Please also note that our development process is customer-driven, so if a particular integration or feature is important to you, we encourage you to submit a request.  When we get a request for a feature or integration from a customer that automatically puts it in on the table as a possibility. However, because we do get so many requests, we do look at the frequency of each particular request to see if there's sufficient demand for it.

You can submit any feature and/or integration requests that you may have here.

Our team tracks these feature requests, so they will be reviewed.  And of course, we have already implemented many feature requests that were given to us by our customers. :)

(Updated 4/25/2016)

Please let us know if you have additional questions.

You can always file a support ticket if you have additional questions by clicking the Support button in your dashboard shown here or clicking here to file a support ticket.

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