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How can I prevent my Leadpage from being listed on Google or accessible to the general public?

What types of pages would you not want “listed?”

There are some pages that you might not want listed in Google (or any search engine) search results. Examples of these types of pages could be your thank you pages, download pages, replay pages, etc.

Does Leadpages submit customer pages to Google?

While Leadpages does not submit any pages to Google or other search engines, pages created in your Leadpages account become accessible to Google because modern browsers automatically submit viewed pages to Google. 

If you do not want your page to be indexed by Google, you must submit that information to Google using a robots.txt file.

Since you cannot submit a robots.txt file from within your Leadpages account or using the Leadpages-hosted version of your page, you will need to publish your pages on your own server to prevent indexing by Google.

You can learn more about creating a robots.txt file here:

How can I prevent people from seeing my page before it’s ready?

When you save a new Leadpage, your page is automatically hosted on our servers at your subdomain (e.g. But you can rest assured that unless you’re directing visitors to that URL, it’s quite unlikely people will stumble upon your page naturally. That said, you can prevent your page from being indexed, here's how: 

For Drag & Drop pages, you can go to the publish options and simply select the “I don't want to search engines to index this page” option, as seen below: 


For Standard pages, you can include a “meta tag” in your Leadpage. To do so, click on Lead Page Options in the Page Editor, and then Tracking Codes. In the Head-Tag section, paste in: 



As shown here:

This code may prevent your page from being indexed, but Leadpages cannot guarantee that no engines will index your page. Some internet programs may ignore this tag. For more information, please see:

Can I protect Leadpages in my membership site?

Leadpages published on WordPress sites are designed not to interact with other WordPress plugins or pages, so as a general rule, you cannot protect a Leadpage using a WordPress membership plugin. 

You can protect Leadpages published as HTML files if you protect the folders where they're published and/or use an on-page script that makes the page accessible to members only. 


(Updated 07/15/16)

Please let us know if you have additional questions.

You can always file a support ticket if you have additional questions by clicking the Support button in your dashboard shown here or clicking here to file a support ticket.

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