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What is Two-Step Opt-in and Why is that a Good Thing

What is a two-step opt-in process

A two-step opt-in process asks your prospects to click on a link before they see your opt-in box to opt-in to your list.

Over the last few years, we have found that two-step opt-in processes crushed it in our split tests. In fact, in several instances we found that switching from a one-step opt-in process to a two-step process increased conversions around 30 percent.

Applying the two-step process to Leadboxes

Now with Leadboxes, you have another two-step process you can use to grow your list. Think about it. Your prospects have to click on your Leadbox link to show they’re interested, before they see a Leadbox that allows them to opt-in to your list.

So in effect, you’re asking your prospects to take two steps—click a link, and then opt-in to your list through your Leadbox. If our previous research is any indication, Leadboxes is going to crush it with a two-step opt-in for your list once again.

(Updated 07/05/16)

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