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Why do I see a security warning or Thank You page not loading when publishing my LeadBox?

If the Thank You page you have set up is served by http:// rather than https://, chances are your visitor's  browser will issue a security warning or even block your Thank You page from being sent altogether.

This has something to do with the (increasing) level of security measures that are being included in most browsers today by default. Fortunately, in most cases the solution is quite simple:

A: Set your Thank You page in your autoresponder settings rather than in LeadBoxes (if possible)

If you integrate with any of these services: 

  • aWeber
  • InfusionSoft
  • Office AutoPilot
  • 1ShoppingCart
  • Other (custom code)
  1. Set your Thank You page in your autoresponder settings
  2. Refresh your lists in LeadBoxes and click Okay
  3. Set the Thank You page in LeadBoxes to be blank, click Okay 
  4. Click Save

B. Set up a LeadPage as a Thank You page 

LeadPages are always served by https:// so all you have to do in this case is use the standard URL for your Thank You page:

If you found this article helpful you may also want to read this article: Should I set up my Thank You page in LeadPages or in my Email Service Provider account?

If you have further questions, please file a support ticket.  :) 


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