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Integrate Infusionsoft with Leadpages

Infusionsoft provides powerful email and CRM tools in an all-in-one package. Using our integration, you can add leads directly to your web forms or sequences in Infusionsoft. Let’s get started!

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The fine print

Integrate your account

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Send leads to Infusionsoft

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Tips and FAQs

The fine print

  • Infusionsoft is available with all of our conversion tools: Drag & Drop and Standard Leadpages, Leadboxes, Leaddigits, and Leadlinks.
  • Sending leads to Infusionsoft requires two separate connections: 1) your account and 2) your chosen conversion tools.
  • With our integration, you can send leads to specific Infusionsoft web forms in their campaign builder, or Legacy Follow-up Sequences.

Integrate your account

Before sending leads to Infusionsoft, you’ll need to connect your account to Leadpages. Here’s how to integrate with both of our builders at the account level:

Drag & Drop Builder

To use Infusionsoft with Drag & Drop Leadpages or Leadboxes, follow our guide here: Connect Your Integrations: Drag & Drop. You’ll be prompted to log into your Infusionsoft account, but won’t need any additional information to connect.

Standard Builder

To use Infusionsoft with Standard Leadpages, Leadboxes, Leaddigits, or Leadlinks, you’ll need to connect your account with our standard system. Our general guide here will show you how: Connect Your Integrations.

Before you go, there are a few pieces of information you’ll need from your Infusionsoft account—here’s where you can find them (we recommend copying and pasting somewhere them before you begin the integration process):

  • You can get your “Account Simple Name” from your URL in Infusionsoft, just before (as shown below). Note that Infusionsoft refers to this as your app name.
  • Instructions for getting your API key can be found in Infusionsoft’s help center here: API Key.

Send leads to Infusionsoft

Now that your Infusionsoft account is connected to Leadpages, you’re ready to send leads to Infusionsoft. To get started, check out our detailed guide that covers configuring your integration settings in each of our conversion tools: Choose a Destination For Your Leads.

When setting things up, you have two options for where you can send leads:

  • a web form (in the campaign builder)
  • a Legacy Follow-up Sequence

If you’re unsure which to choose, you can learn more about each option below.

Campaign builder

WARNING: By default, Infusionsoft’s “Bot Detection” is enabled for all forms in the campaign builder. It’s not possible to send leads to forms with Bot Detection enabled. You can learn more about Bot Detection—and how to disable the feature—here: Opt Out Web Forms from Automatic Bot Detection.

Any “ready” web forms from published campaigns will be available in your integration settings. When you select one, our system will pull in any fields you’ve added so you can customize the information you’d like to collect. 

Keep in mind, your form must be set to Ready (instead of draft mode) and your campaign must be published.

To learn more about setting up campaigns, check out Infusionsoft’s guides here: Campaign Builder Primer.

Legacy Follow-up Sequences

Another option is to add contacts directly to a sequence. Using sequences, you can add a series of steps that each contact will go through—such as sending an email or creating an appointment (as seen in the example below).

NOTE: Leadpages connects to Legacy Follow-up Sequences, which are different from sequences found in the campaign builder.

Unlike web forms, when you connect a sequence to Leadpages, you can use any of your custom text fields. To create a new follow-up sequence, go to Marketing › Legacy › Add or Copy a Follow-Up Sequence (as shown below).

Tips and frequently asked questions

Can I add tags to contacts from Leadpages?

You can add fields that support tagging to any web form or landing page form within Infusionsoft. For example, radio buttons and checkboxes both support tagged options. 

Why isn’t my form or sequence available to use in Leadpages?

There are a few common reasons you may not see a form or sequence right away in Leadpages. First, click the “Refresh List” link in your integration settings (next to the list drop-down menu)—especially if you’ve recently made changes in Infusionsoft. That will prompt our system to retrieve any new information. 

Next, if you’re using an Infusionsoft form or landing page, make sure it’s set to ready and that the campaign it’s a part of is published. 

If you’re using a sequence, make sure it’s a Legacy Follow-up Sequence and not a sequence in the campaign builder.

(Updated April 21, 2017)

Please let us know if you have additional questions.

You can always file a support ticket if you have additional questions by clicking the Support button in your dashboard shown here or clicking here to file a support ticket.

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