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Collect Leads from Other Sources

Center already integrates with some of the most popular marketing services. You can collect lead information in even more ways using forms.

Below, you’ll get an overview of how forms work, when to use them, and how to create one.  

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When to use forms

Create a form

    Define your fields

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Tips and frequently asked questions

When to use forms

At their most basic level, Center forms allow you to collect opt-in data from nearly any service—or your website. They open up tons of new possible sources for your rules.

Simply create a form and decide what information you’d like to collect from leads. Once you do, you can use the form in a couple different ways:

  • publish the form as HTML to your site
  • point an existing form (from another service) to Center

Learn more about using your forms here: Publish Your Center Forms.

Create a form

Here’s how to create a new form in your Center account:

  1. Navigate to the Forms tab in your Center dashboard.
  2. Click Create Your First Form (or Create New Form if this isn’t your first). 
  3. Choose a name for your form so you can identify it later (we recommend using a name that describes your form’s purpose). Your leads won’t see your form’s name.

Define your fields

All forms require an email address, so it’s included by default. Click Add a Field to customize your form and collect additional information from your leads. 

We currently support a range of text fields, so you can collect anything from first name to postal code to a lead’s website. For any other field you might need, we recommend using a generic text field and customizing its label (which you can learn about below). 

NOTE: We don’t currently provide non-text fields such as radio buttons or drop-downs.

Click any field’s name to customize its label, any placeholder text, or set a default value. You can also mark fields as required or hidden. Be sure to click Done to save any changes! 

TIP: Hidden fields are super useful for collecting information about specific campaigns. By giving a hidden field a default value, you can get information about which form someone submitted.

To reorder your fields, click and drag them into the order you prefer using the vertical ellipses (). You can preview your form to the right of your field setup area, as seen below. 

Finalize and publish

You’re almost done—there are just a few more steps to complete:

  1. Select what you’d like to happen when someone submits your form. You can send new leads to our default thank you page, a custom URL, or just have the form close out (so they’ll remain on the same page). 
  2. Click Save and review your form—remember you can always edit it later.
  3. Select Create Form to access your form’s publishing options.

You can learn more about publishing your forms here: Publish Center Forms.

Tips and frequently asked questions

Can I make changes to my form after its published?

Yes, you can. Click Forms in your Center account dashboard, then click the name of the form you’d like to edit. From the Actions menu (in the top-right corner of the main form screen), select “Edit.”

If you’ve published your form via HTML, you’ll need to update its HTML anywhere you pasted it for changes to take effect.

Tip: Find out who’s opted in to your form

To check out your subscriber data, navigate to the forms tab of your account, then click the form you’d like to view. From there, select the “Contacts” tab. You’ll get a list of subscriber emails (along with their name if you’ve collected it) and when they submitted your form. 


(Updated February 15, 2017)

Please let us know if you have additional questions!

We’re here to help. If you run into any issues or just have additional questions, please contact our support team. You can also create a ticket by clicking the banner in the bottom right corner of the Center interface.

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