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Integrate Salesforce with Leadpages

Our integration with Salesforce makes it possible to send leads directly to your campaigns. You can even send leads to an email service provider and Salesforce simultaneously. Learn more about how to set up the integration in the guide below.

NOTE: You must have an Advanced Leadpages subscription to integrate with Salesforce. Upgrade your account →

The fine print

  • You must have an Advanced Leadpages subscription to integrate with Salesforce. Learn how to upgrade →
  • Pardot isn’t compatible with our Salesforce API integration—if you use Pardot, check out our integration guide here.
  • Any opt-ins sent to Salesforce from Leadpages will be saved as a Lead in Salesforce in comparison to a Contact.

Integrate your account

To use Salesforce with Leadpages, you’ll first need to connect your account.

Drag & Drop Builder

To use Salesforce with Drag & Drop pages and Leadboxes, follow our guide here: Connect Your Integrations: Drag & Drop Builder.

Standard Builder

To use Salesforce with our standard tools (including Leaddigits and Leadlinks), first copy your instance name from Salesforce.

Not sure where to find your instance name? No worries—Salesforce has a handy guide you can follow here: View instance that my Salesforce Organization is on →

When you have your instance name, follow our guide here to connect your account with our standard tools: Connect Your Integrations: Standard Builder.

Connect Salesforce to pages and forms

Now that you’ve integrated with Salesforce, you can use it with your Leadpages, Leadboxes, and more.

Here are the basic steps:

  1. Open your Leadpage, Leadbox, or other conversion tool and navigate to its integration settings.
  2. Select Salesforce as a service you’d like to send leads to.
  3. Choose which Salesforce campaign you’d like to use.


For more detailed steps, see our guide: Choose a Destination For Your Leads.

TIP: Salesforce is treated as a CRM in Leadpages, so you can send leads to your email service provider and Salesforce in our Standard Builder. Learn more →

Where do leads go?

Leads from Leadpages will always get sent to a specific campaign in your Salesforce account. Select which campaign you’d like to use when you configure your integration settings.

To learn more, visit Managing Campaign Members in Salesforce’s help center.

Troubleshooting tips and FAQs

How can I use custom Salesforce fields within Leadpages?

Our integration uses Lead Fields—so custom fields you create should appear within Leadpages. Note that basic field types (like text and checkboxes) work best. More complex field types like roll-up summaries, hierarchical relationship fields, etc. may not be compatible with Leadpages.

(Updated July 9, 2018)

Please let us know if you have additional questions.

You can always file a support ticket if you have additional questions by clicking the Support button in your dashboard as shown here or clicking here to file a support ticket.

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